‘Who Benefits from Austerity?’ | Solidarity Books

Solidarity Books will host a talk by Dr Conor McCabe titled – ‘Who Benefits from Austerity?’ – as part of the Cork launch of the Irish Left Review Journal – on Thursday 7th February 7:30pm 

On Thursday, 7th February at 7:30pm Solidarity Books will host the Cork launch of the Irish Left Review Journal.

The event will include a talk from Dr. Conor McCabe, the author of the acclaimed book, ‘Sins of the Father’, which analyses the development of the Irish economy throughout the 20th Century right up to the current crisis, without resorting to just pointing fingers at ‘a few morally bankrupt individuals’ in an otherwise sound system. 

Conor McCabe, who currently teaches at the UCD School of Social Justice, and is a regular contributor to Irish Left Review, will pose the question of ‘Who Benefits from Austerity?’ While popular disgust with TD’s, bankers and other elites’ privileges is rampant, austerity programmes are still justified on the basis that we all must pay for a crisis that we apparently all helped to create. What do we make of this state of affairs?

This will be Conor McCabe’s third visit to Solidarity Books in the last two years since the release of his book, and like the previous events, this promises to be an evening of animated discussion.

Entry is free and all are welcome. 

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Dr. McCabe contact details:
Email: conormccabeis@gmail.com
Phone: 01 716 7310
Mobile: 087 219 1587

Solidarity Book Contact for comments/further information/photos:  Liam  0857567988

Conor McCabe blogs here: 

In a review of “Sins of the Father: Tracing the Decisions that Shaped the Irish Economy (2011)” for the Irish Examiner, the economist and academic Dr. Tom O’Connor said that “the breadth and compass of the book is breath-taking. It is head and shoulders above the other books and is a tour de force as a critical economic history of Ireland.” The broadcaster Vincent Browne described Sins of the Father as ‘a remarkable book.’

The Irish Left Review is an online magazine; this event marks its first venture as a published journal. The magazine features original essays, articles and columns each written to help all those on the Left, whether they call themselves socialists, social democrats, trade unionists, Republicans or Greens, to find a common ground and to develop the arguments that could be used in a political context to act against the hegemony of the right in Irish politics. It is geared towards a broad left – those who want to make Left politics work and to increase the overall vote for the left, so that political alliances can be formed and significant policies implemented.


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