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3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. margaret hanrahan says:

    would love to hear of any upcoming events and to register myself as wanting to be involved.

  2. Aoife Morris says:

    I’ve gone to two Cork Feminista meetings so far and really enjoyed them. I’d love the chance to get more actively involved if that’s possible. I love getting updates and news from Cork Feminista via Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Unfortunately I can not join the Cork feminist because I’m far away, I live in a Latin American country and I cannot participate effectively in meetings. But I would like to share my story with Cork, my story with misogyny from Cork. Hispanic women suffer a lot of prejudice from European men, and I was used by a man from Cork who thinks that my country is a paradise full of prostitutes. He paid for sex with several girls and even gave me an STD. At least this served to me to help other sisters don’t live something like that. I ask you to talk about it at meetings of Cork Feminist and I also ask you to look a little more for African women and for Latin women. Thank you!

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