Pro-choice election candidates Cork

Cork Feminista have put together a list of Cork pro-choice candidates who are running for 2016 general election.




Name: Fiona Ryan
Party: AAA/PBP (Anti Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit)
Constituency: Cork South- Central
Find out more about Fiona here



Name: Jim O Connell
Party: PBP/AAA (People Before Profit/ Anti Austerity Alliance)
Constituency: Cork South- Central
Find out more about Jim here

Name: Lorna Bogue
Party: Green Party
Constituency: Cork South- Central
Find out more about Lorna here

ciara leonard

Name: Ciara Leonardi Roche
Party: AAA/PBP (Anti Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit)
Constituency: Cork East
Find out more about Ciara here


Name: Mick Barry
Party: AAA/PBP (Anti Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit)
Constituency: Cork North- Central
Find out more about Mick here


Name: Oliver Moran 

Party: Green Party 

Constituency: Cork North- Central 

Find out more about Oliver here: 



Name: Ted Tynan 

Party: Workers Party 

Constituency: Cork North-Central 

Find out more about Ted here





*If we have not mentioned a pro-choice candidate, please get in touch and let us know and we will update our list.

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Understanding Conflict Resolution from This Feminists Perspective Part 1, By Eilis Dillon




Welcome reader to the first in a series of blogs discussing the topic “understanding conflict resolution from this feminists perspective”.

In order to begin to understand conflict resolution we must first look at the terms violence and peace. There is a plethora of academic discussions on the nature and definition of these terms but Galtung is the most widely acknowledged and discussed. He discussed violence as more than just acts of physical aggression towards a party (direct) but also structural violence. The word peace is often understood as the absence of violence. In order to understand the nuances of one, we must understand the nuances of the other. Continue reading

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Various links contained within this blog will open third party websites. We are not responsible for the material located outside of this website, and links to other sites do not constitute endorsements.


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“Should Prostitution be Considered an Acceptable Employment Option?” by Steve Hicks




 Sex work is a term that covers many practices from pole dancing, stripping, and through to prostitution. It is prostitution that will be examined in this essay. There are many arguments, both in defence of, and against the practice of prostitution, of which many derive from the perspective of morality. However the aim of this essay is not to moralise or pass judgement, but rather, to examine how a modern approach to this issue can improve the lives and working conditions of women who are working in the world’s “oldest profession”. Continue reading

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