Wall of Fame

Please find details of past members and contributors, who no longer regularly take part in the daily activities of CorkFeminista.

Our Founders:

Cork Feminista was founded by Linda Kelly and Dr. Jennifer DeWan in August 2010 to provide a discussion and activist space for feminism in Cork.

Organisers Jennifer DeWan & Linda Kelly. Photo by Christine Allen.

Maureen Considine 9442_10151593100434186_1072727948_n

Maureen Considine is an artist who was born in Cork and grew up in social housing in Mayfield with her mother and four siblings. An early exposure to equality issues has had a major impact on her personal development, artistic practice and research interests. Maureen has a B.A. in Fine Art from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design and an M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Art from University College Cork. Maureen’s particular interests in social housing (design, regeneration and tenant rights) and art and culture focused on the female experience. On 22 November 2013 Maureen left Cork Feminista to pursue other projects.


Emily Davis-Fletcher 

emily in Kerry 2014 without sunglasses

Emily Davis-Fletcher is a writer and community activist. She served as Co-Organiser of Cork Feminista from March 2013 to October 2014; during which time, she was generously rewarded with many memorable and transformative experiences, as well as lifelong friendships.

Kelsey Koontz

Photo on 9-12-14 at 1.08 PM #7

Kelsey worked alongside Cork Feminista from July 2014-Oct 2014 to start her first 3 months as a Watson Fellow. This year-long fellowship offers college grads a year of purposeful travel and exploration outside of the U.S. to conduct highly personal and independent projects. Kelsey’s project is focused on feminist activism as she seeks the lived experiences of feminists and activists around the world. Now, Kelsey continues the journey onward to Sydney, Australia, and will finish her year in Kathmandu, Nepal and Bishkek,Kyrgyzstan by July 2015. To follow Kelsey’s feminist exploration around the world, you can follow her blog here.

 Katie Haligan

cf blog

Katie has a degree in Zoology from University College Cork and completed her MA in Women Studies at the same university. Her MA thesis focused on different legislative approaches for regulating sex work, and highlighted for her the complex issues, the diverse views and the emotive nature of this topic for feminist theory and activism. Her experience through the Women’s Studies course has taught her that feminists are a diverse lot, and to never worry about being a proper feminist! Campaigning for a gender equal society is a priority for her, and tackling a culture that continues to blame those who are affected by rape and gender based violence is also a key concern. Katie believes her love of Roald Dahl books is the source of her feminism, as it is her love of reading that has encouraged her pursuit of further education, and ultimately led to her interest in feminism. Sophie and Matilda remain as her favourite literary protagonists! Katie enjoyed the opportunity Cork Feminista gave her to translate her studies into activism.

Siobhan Ramos

2014-07-19 20.30.18

Siobhan is a feminist linguist with an irrevocable penchant for social justice. She is a passionate activist attempting to negotiate her role in positively transforming society, while also trying to come to terms with the scariness of adulthood. Her academic focuses have revolved around everything from the portrayal of women in Old English poetry to analysing insults received by women in online gaming. Now that she is no longer a student (*sob!*), she enjoys moments of catharsis via video games, chain-reading novels by day and binge-watching feminist TV by night. 
P.S. Pictures of bunnies are self-care. 😉

Eileen Parle


Eileen was responsible for the organisation’s accounts  and was one of the co-organizers of our CF Film Collective. Eileen has a keen interest in feminism, particularly in how the movement is viewed and transformed in different cultures. She strongly believes in making feminism accessible and understandable for all. 


Eilis Dillon


Eilis runs her own vintage and music retail business based in Cork City, Records and Relics, and is also an Adult Education tutor with EQUAL Ireland lecturing Communications, Sociology, Social Research and Learning to Learn. She is a lover and supporter of the arts promoting and organising storytelling events, exhibitions and live music events. She has a keen interest in Social Justice Issues with a particular focus on Conflict, Mediation, Gender & Development. She has carried out significant pieces of research both in Ireland and abroad and facilitated a large evaluation within Equal Ireland. She achieved an Honours Degree In University College Cork, where she was awarded the title of Scholar for 3 years being one of the highest achievers in the department, and a Masters degree In Trinity College Dublin in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation.

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