Sexual Wellness Campaign 2016 

Cork Feminista are dedicated to promoting sexual freedom and choice. We are also committed to raising awareness  around sexual heath and wellbeing. For the past two years Cork Feminista have held an annual Sexual Wellness conference. The conference   explores various issues relating to sexual wellbeing. Some topics covered in previous years include sex work, pornography, sexuality and age, sexuality and disability, LGBTQI and sexual pleasure. The conference also includes workshops, open discussions and  film screenings. We provide information on sexual heath and distribute free condoms. Trained heath professions including therapists are available free of charge at our conference. The ultimate aim of the weekend is to explore the diversity, positivity and power of sexual wellbeing through experiential and research based knowledge as well as artistic expression. It is open to all people regardless of age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity etcetera.

In order to make this truly accessible we do not charge but only ask for donations to cover costs.

Previously we have had this event in Camden Palace arts collective but due to its closure we now must rent out a new venue so our expenses have increased! We would ask please if you could help us by sharing our go fund me campaign and, if you can, to donate, a little, every euro goes a long way towards our goal. Here is the link to our gofundme campaign.

We are a not for profit group, all donations received will go directly towards the cost of this conference.

Here is a video from our conference in 2014 where sex workers discussed their experience of sex-work stigma in Ireland. 



Pro-Choice Campaign

Cork Feminista is actively involved in campaigning for safe and legal access to abortion in Ireland and we work closely with other pro-choice groups, including Cork Women’s Right to Choose Group and Pro Choice Alliance Cork, to raise awareness and lobby local politicians in Ireland.

For some background on the abortion issue in Ireland, read this briefing document and check out ARC Abortion Rights Campaign.  For some articles that Cork Feminista has written on abortion, check out the Cork Independent here and here.

Now that we have seen x-case legislation introduced (in 2013) our campaign has shifted towards the repeal of the 8th amendment.

If you are seeking information on abortion, please check out Need Abortion Ireland 

Also check out the Irish Family Planning Association‘s brilliant video on abortion in Ireland:  


Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation

In April 2016 Cork Feminist became  a member of the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation. 

Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation’s Mission

Equality is a human right and a major challenge for democracy as well as an economic and social imperative. The Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation commits to building equality in all aspects of women’s and men’s life.

The Foundation acts for the emancipation, empowerment and strengthening of the role of women in the Euro-Mediterranean area in order to build equality between women and men. The Foundation, with the firm conviction that equality is a guarantee of peace and development, unites, supports and disseminates the knowledge, competences and projects that can bring about a change of mentalities and the construction of a just world.

The Foundation aims to become a reference and à driving force for gender equality in the Euro-Mediterranean area and pursues its objectives by advocating a series of ethical values:



Anna Lindh Foundation

The Anna Lindh Foundation is an inter-governmental institution bringing together civil society and citizens across the Mediterranean to build trust and improve mutual understanding. Cork Feminista have two main reasons for joining the Anna Lindh Foundation.

Firstly, we wish to learn more about the issues experienced within the Mediterranean region.

Secondly, we delight in the opportunity to share our experiences in how we have helped women to become more empowered.

Cork Feminista aims to contribute by providing our skill set to the Anna Lindh Foundation; Irish Network.


Here at Cork Feminsta we are proud supporters of Ireland’s LGBTQ Communities, frequently hosting events celebrating and engaging with Ireland’s LGBTQ. Every year, Cork Feminista actively takes part in and supports the events and activities of Cork LGBT Awareness Week.

Migrant Women In Business Network (MWIBN)

The Migrant Women in Business Network (MWIBN), Cork Chapter, is a support, mentoring and educational network for aspiring and established migrant women entrepreneurs in Ireland. MWIBN provide business trainings, capacity, productivity and performance-building programmes. To find out more please click here

We will continue to add more material here and we would be happy to help you plan your lobbying strategy.  Just send us an email at


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