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Hello there and thank you for becoming a member of Cork Feminista (CF). Here is the low down on what we are up to, who does what and what we would like to do in the future. We are always open to new projects and ideas so if you’ve got something in mind, speak up we are interested! You are welcome to get involved in any aspect of CF just let us know at the meetings. Read on fellow feminist!

1.Guiding Principles of Cork Feminista

1.Collaboration rather than Competition: Within the group and with other organisations

2.Feminist Leadership & Structures: There are multiple layers and levels of leadership in the group. Leadership roles are rotated periodically to ensure power does not become entrenched, leaders are elected democratically and held accountable. All members of the movement get leadership opportunities and a chance to build their leadership capacity.

3.Personal Empowerment : CF believes that empowerment is not only about opening up access to decision making, but also must include processes that lead people to perceive themselves as being able and entitled to occupy that decision-making space (Rowlands, 1995). Empowerment is sometimes described as being about the ability to make choices, but it must also involve being able to shape what choices are on offer. Therefore we believe social change includes building our own capacity and leadership abilities in addition to working towards wider social change.

4.Supportive and safe environment:Freedom to express and explore ideas, thoughts, grievances

5.Activism: The driving force of social change is action. CF actively promotes gender equality by organising and taking part in campaigns, protests and local and national events.

6.Intersectionality:Intersectionality is the understanding and acknowledgement that women experience oppression in varying ways and levels of intensity depending on such things as age, ethnicity, class & ability. Therefore there is no one size fits all in feminism

7.Collective Decision Making:Whether you have been a member of the group 5 years or 5 weeks you have equal decision making power. All decisions are made through the same process

There are four steps to CF decision making

1.Summary of what will be discussed comes out on Agenda

2.Discussed and decision proposed at meeting

3.Proposed decision distributed in minutes.

4.If there are no objections one week after minutes are emailed out decisions are final.


2.FAQ: Who are we? What do we do? Who does what?

Who are we?

We are a group of people who are committed to gender equality, social change and personal empowerment.

We are Members of..

Anna Lindh Foundation

National women’s Council of Ireland

Euro Mediterranean Women’s Foundation

Anti-Deportation Ireland

When do we meet?

Sat mornings and Thursday evenings a couple of times a month. Members are required to attend at least one of these meeting times regularly.



Graphic Designer:  If posters etcetera are needed for events, campaigns our very talented graphic designer can help you out. Just make sure you give her enough time (minimum 3 weeks before event)

Contact person: Regina

Fem friday: Our weekly newsletter comes out every friday if you havent already signed up you can do so here:

Contact person: Sarah

Co-organisers: The Co-organisers are the behind the scenes people, they are the contact people for the group they oversee emails, book meetings, send out agendas and support other members to start and maintain projects.

Contact persons: none at present.

Finances: We have a bank account and paypal our finance person is in charge of this

Contact person: Niamh

4.Ongoing projects

Most of the following projects have a number of members involved with one or two coordinators who oversee the project and delegate tasks, these roles change often

Personal Development/ Empowerment Workshops:  CF has a very active and dynamic empowerment team which organises and holds bionthly workshops on different elements of empowerment for members and the wider public

Monthly Discussion Group: CFs “Talking Circle” is a monthly discussion group where we come together and explore ideas and thoughts on different feminist topics, each month has a specific theme and is open to the general public.

Monthly Coffee Morning: Coffee Connections is a women’s breakfast event hosted by CF & Love and Care for People. It is an opportunity to share coffee and stories with women from diverse backgrounds in Cork.

Feminist Podcast:Soon to be aired! A twice monthly radio show and podcast.

Online Activism: CF uses virtual networking as a means of connecting with the myriads interested in feminism and social justice. Social media is used as a space of discussion, debate, information and promotion. CF makes a conscious effort to be as online inclusive as possible, offering a space to a diverse range of members. CF highlights articles that represent the issues of feminism as a multi-faceted ideology.

Film Nights: CF holds periodic film nights on a wide variety of topics relating to feminism, there is usually speakers invited and opportunity for discussion.

Repeal the Eighth Amendment Campaign: CF is a pro-choice group.The Eighth Amendment criminalises abortion in all cases except where to continue a pregnancy would result in death.

5.Annual Events

V Day : For the past two years we have teamed up with Light Star Theatre Company for our annual V Day event. V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls that raises funds and awareness through benefit productions of Playwright/Founder Eve Ensler’s award winning play The Vagina Monologues and other artistic works. To learn more about V-Day and its campaigns visit

Sexual Wellness Conference: September 2016 For the past two years CF have held an annual Sexual Wellness conference. The conference explores various issues relating to sexual wellbeing. Some topics covered in previous years include sex work, pornography, sexuality and age, sexuality and disability, LGBTQI and sexual pleasure. The conference also includes workshops, open discussions and film screenings.  It is open to all people regardless of age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity etcetera.

Possible Future Projects/Campaigns (in other words, stuff people have expressed an interest in but we haven’t done yet) include a Drop in centre, Book Club, Queer activism group, Mental Health, Climate Change, elderly, direct provision,

So there you have it!

Check out our website for a rundown of past events, blog posts, member info etcetera here:

Our facebook page here:

Our community facebook group here: ttps://

And you can sign up to our weekly newsletter Fem Friday here:

See you at our next meeting or event!