Sexual Wellness Conference Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June 2015


Saturday 27th Day Programme

9:00 am – 10:00 am

Registration and meet and greet
10:00 am-11:00 am                                                    

Boost Your Self-Esteem:  Interactive Discussion 

Through fun, easy and interactive exercises, Psychotherapist Viorica Chetari will offer us tips on how to boost self-esteem!

11:00 am-12:00 pm ‘Sexy Semiotics’ : Interactive Discussion

Feminist linguist Siobhan Ramos explores how we use language to create, subvert, transcend and play with others’ and our own sexual identities.

12:00 pm-13:00 pm Red: The Cork Feminista Film Collective presents a selection of Ted Talks 

1. The Sex Talk (16 mins) 

2. Female sexual shame hurts us all (17 mins) 

3. Stop sexual violence in India – Talk about sex (12 mins) 

4. Make love not porn (4 mins) 

13:00 pm- 14:00 pm Lunch available in Café
14:00 pm- 15:00 pm Yoga and Chanting: Exercise

Yoga Instructor Mary Kelly will offer a one hour yoga session that will  leave you feeling energized 

14:00 pm- 15:00 pm  Feminist Pornography: Discussion  Q&A

Speaker 1. : Beth Wallace, organiser of ‘Bliss’ A yearly Irish festival that promotes sexual Freedom, Health & Pleasure will explore the development of ethical pornography.

Speaker 2 : Caroline Ryan PhD scholar will discuss her research on feminism and porn, focusing on what female porn stars have to say about their own lives.

15:00 pm-16:00 pm Sexuality and Disability Discussion Q & A

Speaker 1: South Dublin County Council’s Disability Liaison officer Ms Selina Bonnie will explore sexual expression in the Irish Independent Living Movement.

Speaker2: Writer, artist and activist Leighanna  Rose Walsh will discuss her experience living as a queer transwoman with autism and other issues relating to mental illness.

16:00 pm- 17:30 pm Culture and Sexuality: Discussion Q&A

Speaker 1: Dr Melanie L. Marshall speaks about the cultural specificity of gender & sexuality.

Speaker 2 & 3: Michelle Dunne and Eimear Hurley discuss their research on sexuality and gender in contemporary pop music videos.

17:30 pm – 18:00 pm Dance and movement workshop: Exercise

Aine Stapleton is a dancer and choreographer whose work examines gender inequality and the influence of pornography and media on modern perceptions of beauty and sexuality.

18:00 – 18:30   SNACKS AND CHATS –Join us at the café to mingle and discuss the day’s events

Evening programme: Saturday 27tH June

20:30  DRAG KINGS  Drama Performance
21:00  LADY GREW  Singer / Rapper 
21:30  ‘SEXY POEMS’  Sexy Poems read by Local Poets 
22:00 MUSIC AND DANCE  DJ Lisa Lemur

Sunday 28th Day Programme  

12:00- 13:00 Polarity Therapy and Emotional blockage: Workshop

Fabio Morett will offer a one-hour workshop on ‘Polarity Theraphy’ – A strategic method of bodywork which allows your body to recharge itself, to heal, by finding its own way of rebalancing.

13:00-14:30 Chat from the hat!: Interactive Discussion

An interactive discussion on the topics that ‘you’ drop into the hat! Facilitated by trainee Therapist Valarie Kelly

14:30- 15:30 Consent : Interactive Workshop

In this interactive workshop ‘consent is sexy’, the topic of consent and all its nuances are explored through humorous and enlightening activities and discussions. Facilitated by Eve Vaughan and Eilis Dillon. 

15:30 – 16:00   Break at Café
16:00 – 17:00   Yoni Verse: Workshop

Deirdre Ryan will host a creative workshop that includes crafting, drumming, singing and dancing.

17:00 – 18:30     Sex work: Discussion Q&A

Sex work advocate Lady Grew will discuss the legitimacy of sex work, as a trade and as an income. Lady Grew aims to dispel the negative myths and assumptions associated with sex work and explain the true realities of sex work.

18:30 – 19:00 SNACKS AND CHATS –Join us at the café to mingle and discuss the day’s events

Sunday 28th June Evening Programme 

19:00- 21:00 Red: Cork Feminista Film Collective

 Sexy Baby

21:00 –  22:00  Wine and Whine:

Finish up the conference over a few glasses.  Leave all your troubles behind!

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