A total system failure?

After reading countless streams of comments under articles about Direct Provision, regardless of any opinion toward asylum seekers, it is not difficult to see that the system is a failure.

There seems to be a general consensus that the system is letting people down, on both sides of the injustice.

If you are not part of this line of thought, let me ask you –

If a female asylum seeker is denied travel expenses to her court hearing, how can she escape from spending years in the system, in a life of stress, poverty and depression?

As a feminist collective, obviously any oppressive structure is of concern to us. There seems to be no means to an end within this system.

After speaking to a resident from Kinsale Road Accommodation centre, he told us the most empowering thing for the residents is simply β€œlet people know”.

We encourage you to go to the KRAC Facebook page and read about the woman who was refused travel. An educated society is a powerful one. We cannot progress as a whole without taking care of the vulnerable. Society must move as fast as its slowest member.

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