Direct Provision or “Direct Profit”? Let’s Follow The Money

The Ebony Tower

Ireland is a signatory of the UN Convention and seeking asylum is not a criminal act, so punishing and incarcerating those who seek refuge for years on end is entirely unjustified. I hope that the on-going protests and demonstrations by women, men and their children in the Direct Provision System will be more effective than the years of scholarship, articles, and campaigns that challenged the Irish State for its increasingly restrictive asylum policies.

Over the past the years, NGOs, journalists and academics have consistently criticized the costs of the Direct Provision system to the State.[1] More recently, some have directly addressed the profit-making โ€œindustrialโ€ aspect of accommodation and deportation in the DP system but even so, there is always a slide towards the moral and ethical side and the human rights arguments.

In my view, arguments about morality, ethics and human rights fail because they cannot be heard overโ€ฆ

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