Response to “Fuck the Patriarchy” by Eva McEneaney

I recently stumbled upon an article about Clare Schlaudt , a 17 year old girl in America who was thrown out of her prom. Her blog post describes her traumatic experience attending her school prom. She is a beautiful, tall , blonde girl who looked really pretty setting off for a really important night in her teenage life only to be thrown out and ostracized because of the school staff and chaperone’s perception of her outfit.

She describes how she was told that her outfit and the way in which she was “provacativly” dancing ( she claims to have hardly danced at all) could cause the men in the room to think ” impure thoughts”. This is so maddening to me . As both a feminist and a human being, i believe that everyone should be treated with the utmost respect and dignity .

It is not only a major insult to Ms Schlaudt to assume she will act a certain way because of the way she dresses , but also to all males to assume that a man couldnt handle seeing a teenage girl in a tight dress..She was informed that some of the men found her dancing to be provocative. I have a  solution to that  ;they dont like it ? dont look! To assume also that all men think “impure thoughts” every time they see a pretty girl is just pathetic.

As women ,i think we all need to have respect for our selves and i certainly dont agree with wearing something solely for shock value or to get attention, i dont believe that is the best way in which we as women should be striving to be heard , but this girl was obeying all the rules, and she felt comfortable and confident in how she looked.To me , that’s all that should  matter.I understand that rules must be adhered to ,but when someone gets victimised even when they are doing so, some questions need to be asked..

Have we really not matured as a civilisation yet that we can’t see beyond someone’s attractiveness or sex appeal? Its not as if this girl put on this figure hugging glittery dress with the sole aim of getting the attention of the male chaperones that night. She , like anyone going to prom , wanted to feel happy with her appearance and enjoy her night with her friends.

There were apparently rules and guidelines put in place for the girls attending the prom so that they could regulate the type of outfits worn. One such rule was that it had to be finger tip length when the arms were down by the sides ,which her dress was. I wonder was there similar rules put in place for the young men attending that night. Was there a certain tie they had to wear or certain length trousers? if so i wonder how well that was adhered to and if the same tabs were kept on them.

In the end , security was called to escort her out of the prom. This is taking the situation to a completely ridiculous level.Are we realy going to admit to ourselves as a society that we have gotten to a stage where a girl who is doing absolutely nothing wrong but looking aesthetically pleasing ,gets banished from her own prom?!

I think the fact that some members of society still feel like they must keep young women ‘in line’ for fear of causing young men to think impure thoughts is really sad and a pathetic reflection on modern society.There are so many more important issues going on in today’s world that we shouldnt be wasting time on such petty things such as throwing someone out because of dress length.







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