Women Leading Us To Justice! By Eva McEneaney

“More countries have understood that women’s equality is a prerequisite for development,” by Kofi Annan, Seventh secretary-general of the United Nations, 2001 Nobel Peace Prize.

The appointment of Frances Fitzgerald as justice minister earlier today marks an important milestone in Irish society as Ireland’s justice system is now completely headed by women.

The National Women’s Council , where Fitzgerald previously held the chairwoman position ,has welcomed the appointment of Ms Fitzgerald as the new justice minister, saying “it put women right at the heart of the Cabinet.”

Speaking on RTE NWC director Orla O’Connor described the appointment as “significant”.According to today’s news report on RTE ,Ms Fitzgerald had always pushed the equality agenda for women, and she has been described as a “fighter”. I think this is such a positive message for today’s women . The idea of us having strength is empowering as it is not a word associated with us very often.

It is so encouraging to see a strong woman doing her job while standing up for women’s rights at the same time.There is more positive news for women in today’s society as our justice system is now completely headed by females. It is inspiring and encouraging , especially in these economically challenging times when many of us are unemployed and looking for jobs to see that women are now completely taking over in such a substantial part of our society .

Personally , my heart soared with a sense of invincibility and courage .Being an unemployed ,24 year old with a physical disability , it sometimes can get disheartening for future prospects .Following this news , however ,I am refreshed by a gust of wind howling “You can do it !”.

Not only does it give us hope for a positive future for feminism and a society which is equally led by men and women , but it also gives us encouragement that we can achieve all that we hope for if we , like , Ms. Fitzgerald become fighters!

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