Is the “Ban Bossy” Campaign a Help or Hindrence to Women? By Eva McEneaney

“I believe the world would be a better place if half our companies and half our countries were run by women and half our homes, run by men .” This inspiring statement by Sheryl Sandberg , COO of Facebook and founder of the “Lean-in” and “Ban Bossy” campaigns, is what I think the main idea of feminism is all about.
Just because someone is a certain gender , does not make them automatically destined for a role in life such as parenthood or being a successful business owner.After reading about this intelligent woman, I researched some of her talk where I learned a shocking statistic.Sandberg states “if a woman and a man both work full time and have a child, the woman still does twice the amount of housework and 3 times the amount of childcare than the man does.” This complete disregard for a women’s need to progress in an intellectual or professional sense is enraging to me.
Sandberg states that women are way too reluctant to involve themselves in discussion in work and to make thier voices be heard . She believes that this is our downfall and it is the main reason why out of one hundred and ninety heads of states world wide , only nine of these are female. On contemplation of this , I began thinking how sad it was that women dont feel confident enought to “lean in”.
Clearly one of the main reasons for this is lack of childcare facilities. The fact that this is an obstacle, however, bothers me. There is lack of childcare , so women miss out on succeeding professionally .It all seems very one-sided. It takes two people to make a child. So therefore, why is it the women who must bear the brunt of giving her professional dreams up ,in order to take care of the child? Why is it automatically seen as her responsibility just because she is the one who bore the child?I do understad that there is a bond between mother and child which is special because of the pregancy and giving birth expriences , but i dont believe women should juat assume the role of primary care giver just because of the fact they carried the baby before birth.The choice of staying at home to look after children or having a succesfull career outside the home, should not be exclusively a woman’s choice.
Related to the “Lean-In” movement there is related campaign to ban the word “bossy” from our vocabulary when talking about women .The website for this campaign’s home page blurb reads ” When a little boy asserts himself he’s called a ” leader “. Yet when a little girl does the same , she risks being branded “bossy” .” There is lots of info on the website as well as some interesting facts about the connotations of the term such as ” Girls are twice as likely to worry that leardership roles will make them seem bossy.”
The campaign is backed by some very impressive celeberity names such as Beyonce ,Jennifer Garner and Condaleeza Rice. The video shows these women taking a stand against the term. Beyonce confidently proclaims ” I’m not bossy , I’m the boss”. I think this is a great way of defining the difference between being bossy and being assertive. Just because a women knows what she wants and is prepared to get it , does not make her a bad person. It makes her just as capable and determined as every other man who is doing the same thing.
I think that it is quite sad that society feels so theatened by a head strong woman that they need to label her a name to keep her oppressed. You can see it in a lot of female celeberities in the media today. If a girl acts silly , feminine and relies on a man to help her ,she is seen as attractive, but the minute a women is strong enough to get where she needs to be without a man’s help, this is too much to handle and she needs to be taken down a notch.
The whole Ban Bossy campaign has been widely debated with a lot of women arguing that banning one word being used to describe women is not going to solve anything, others arguing that Beyonce , is maybe not the best spokesperson for this campaign when she feels the need to dance half naked in her videos and marries a man who raps about sluts and whores. Whatever peoples view point is , I think it is positive that the idea of women in the workplace and the ineqaulity that is still prevelant there is an issue which i think needed to be spotlit.

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