The Importance of Flirting with Oneself

Great example of self-love and self-care in response to the modern world of online dating. Well done Jess


Dating in 2013,JEEBUS!!!!! How come we all thought it was going to  be so easy? Find a guy,girl,fall in love,settle down,,kids,house,whatever was going to make us happy? Why is that happiness to hard to attain,and when attained,so harder to maintain?

I never thought I’d be 36,single,childless…. Well,maybe the childless bit! That was one thing,as wild as imagination goes,that I never envisioned for myself,but I would have thought by now,I’d be a bit more sorted,have a meaningful relationship with someone special. I’ve had some good times with great guys,I’ve had a couple of relationships that have meant the world to me. But sometimes you get to wondering,what’s meant to be for us? Are we just being sold some happy ever after bullshit? Is there just that one person for each of us?  I still don’t know the answers,but I won’t give up,as every experience,good or bad,it’s eventually going to be a…

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