Documentary on Crisis Pregnancy Experiences by Inbar Livne

Call for participants,  Inbar Livne:

“I am a student and documentary filmmaker, putting together a documentary based on testimonies from women who dealt or currently dealing with crisis pregnancies. The film will convey their stories from a non-judgmental perspective and support women in either decision they make.

I hope the film would be a resource for other women who have an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, or a pregnancy that becomes a crisis for whatever reason.

I am looking for women who would be interested in sharing their story to help raising awareness and finally break the stigma around this issue.

If you want to hear more about the project or see stories of other women from Ireland who already shared their experience, please contact her on

Your identity will remain confidential if you wish

Call for Volunteers

Inbar Livne requires a voluntary support crew for on-street interviews, on the abortion debate, with members of the public. This filming date is Saturday 2 November, 11am to 2pm in Cork City centre. If you are interested in getting involved please email and mark you email ‘for the attention of Emily’.

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One Response to Documentary on Crisis Pregnancy Experiences by Inbar Livne

  1. I recently met with Inbar on behalf of Doctors For Choice and I would be happy to recommend her as an interviewer. Dr Mary Favier

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