Every pregnancy endangers a woman’s life

Every pregnancy endangers a woman’s life. And no doctor in the world can predict which one will go wrong.

This is the elephant in the parlor in the Savita controversy. This is the bottom line under all this hemming & hawing about the difficulty of assessing a patient’s risk.

This is the reason no one had the moral right to refuse abortion to Savita when she begged for it. No one can decide that risk for the woman. She knew instinctively what her body needed and she proved it in death.

Everyone knows, & events proved, that her life was at risk when she started miscarrying. But in fact the Irish hospitals have INTERPRETED the law’s “life at risk” to mean “about to die.” Which policy is bound to have fatal results.

Been a fan of Cork Feminista for some time. Thanks for your great work in this discussion.

Grace L
(formerly with Center For the Study of Women & Society,
Violence, Gender & Society Research Interest Group)

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