I’ve Got Your Back!/ Arkanı kolluyorum! 2012

Cork Feminista is proud to present the first selected work from our Open Call for Feminist Media: “I’ve Got Your Back!/ Arkanı kolluyorum!” 2012

Hollaback is an international movement to end street harassment. The goals of the Hollaback project are: first, to give people an empowered response to street harassment, and second, to raise awareness about street harassment so that we can ultimately end it. Through using technology and social media, we have the power to stand up for ourselves, support others, educate society, and work towards lasting change. Hollaback!Istanbul is one of the many international branches of Hollaback.
Our movie documents women’s experience of sexual harassment in public areas in Istanbul in the form of stories recited by men. Those stories were originally shared by women on our webpage canimizsokakta.org. In the second part of the movie, men suggest possible actions to be taken when one witnesses street harassment. Street harassment is a pervasive phenomenon in Istanbul. We chose men to perform in this movie to show that they could be a great force in helping end sexual harassment in public by disapproving of the harassers’ actions. The movie is a part of the bystander-intervention campaign called “I’ve Got Your Back!” ran by the Hollaback branches around the world in 2012.

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