Cork March for Choice – Saturday 9th March

Hi all,

We are coming down the homestretch to the march now – and we’re getting very excited!


Our confirmed speakers include Dr. Ailbhe Smyth of UCD Women’s Studies, Dr. Mary Favier of Doctor’s for Choice and Vanessa O’Sullivan a longtime pro-choice activist.

As advertised, we will be assembling at the fountain on Grand Parade at 1pm.  As the crowd gathers there will be a few ways for people to get involved in the wider campaign.  We will have a stall with postcards as part of the national Abortion Rights Campaign, which people can fill out to send to the Dáil.  We will also have an area where people can have their photos taken with a sign stating why theyneed abortion rights in Ireland.  This will become part of a broader tumblr

We will listen to Ailbhe Smyth speak before marching through town – then reassemble to hear from everyone else.


There are a few things left we need help with!

1. Make placards.  We needs loads of placards on the day saying lots of great things.  You may want to use one of the following phrases:

– keep your rosaries off my ovaries – for free, safe, legal abortion – my body, my choice – get your laws off my body – pro-woman, pro-child, pro-choice – am i neXt? –  Trust women –

2. Invite all your friends!

Are you confirmed as an attendee on facebook?  If not hop over right now and change that:

Once you are confirmed as coming the next thing is to invite ALL your friends in Cork.  We keep putting up posters around town, and they keep getting torn down – so we really need your help getting the word out.  Perhaps you could even pass the word along to other friends of yours – ask them to invite everyone they know. We want as many attendees as we can possibly get.

3. Post your placards on Facebook.

Why not combine the two?  Once you’ve got your GORGEOUS placard made post a photo to facebook to drum up people’s excitement. 

Any last minute questions or concerns you know where to find us!

p.s. We are having a placard making session Friday afternoon at 4 – if you would like to take part contact Padraigin at or 083 154 4597


Cork Women’s Right to Choose Group

Find us on Facebook and Twitter @cork4choice
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