International Women’s Day 2013


“On Our Way”

Four Women leave their homes in Africa to travel on a long and dangerous journey to Ireland.
Theatrical performance

The Capoeira/ Tae Chai Space, Douglas St., Cork
Doors @ 6pm, starts at 6:30


Cork City Library
To celebrate International Women’s Day, there will be a lunchtime lecture in Cork City Library at the Grand Parade, Cork, on Friday 8th March at 1.10pm. The talk will be given by Julianna Minihan.  The subject will be: Early Anti-Slavery & Womens Rights Campaigners: The Grimké Sisters of South Carolina,

SIPTU Conference – One Struggle – Women Workers 

IWWU – Plaque Commeration

National Women’s Council Ireland


Dublin City Public Libraries


Dublin Chamber of Commerce



Labour Women Event

To co-incide with Ireland’s Presidency of the EU, Labour Women and PES Women would like to invite you to an open discussion on issues facing women in Europe. This is a free event and is open to all and lunch will be provided.

To register:

Register at this link:

Session 1; ‘Women & Media’

According to a study carried out by the National Women’s Council of Ireland, fewer than 1 in 4 voices heard on the Irish air waves are women’s voices. This session is an open discussion centering on the challenges facing women in media from the perspectives of women in the news and the women who make the news. Speakers include Margaret E Ward, founder of “Women on Air” and Tuula Peltonen, Member of the Finnish Parliament, where she is the chairperson of the women’s network.

Session 2: Women in Decision Making – Politics and the labour market

Just one in six of our TD’s are women. Women are also significnatly under represented at the highest level of business and in the leadership of the trade union movement. This session is an open discussion centering around the difficulties faced by women getting to the highest level of decision making both in politics and the labour market. Speakers include Senator and Acedemic Ivana Bacick and the ‘ Women for Election’ group who have campaigned for gender quota’s for candidates in Dail elections.

Session 3: Women as Objects : European Response to Human Trafficking and the Sex Trade’

Human Trafficking for the sex trade has become an issue accross europe. This session is an open discussion around how this issue can be addressed. Speakers include Marja Bijl who has spent the last number of years as the head of a Dutch anti-trafficking charity and the Turn of the Red Light Campaign

Women with Disabilities demand Dignity

& Equality on International Women’s day


There are over a billion people with disabilities on the planet. Approximately half of them are women with disabilities. We are grandmothers, mothers, partners, lovers and sisters. We are seldom seen in many aspects of our communities. We as women with disabilities are by and large an invisible group in society. Our invisibility is partly due to the multiple forms of discrimination and the intersectionality of disability and gender.

As women with disabilities we feel it’s important that we come together to celebrate International Women’s Day through music, poetry readings and a good ould music session. We will have a brief discussion on Women with Disabilities in the Arts

We as women with disabilities want to make this an annual event to come together and celebrate us!

If you know a woman with a disability let her know this is happening.

We invite supporters & friends to help us celebrate International Women’s day

RSVP by Thursday the 7th March 5pm


When:                  Friday 8th March 2013

Where:                 21 Hill Street, Dublin 1 (just off North Great Georges St)

Time:                             6pm to 9pm


More information? Phone or Text Mary T Cahill 083-3005571

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