[Research Request] Divorce in Ireland


1, rue de la Tour Blanche

54300 Lunéville


Tel : 06 64 38 26 54

@ : ka.pierson@free.fr

University of Caen/ PHD  Research about Divorce in Ireland

Questionnaire on line : https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VSF8MBQ

To the Irish Divorced People of Ireland,

For the purpose of a PHD research work, there is a questionnaire online addressed to men and women who got a divorce in Ireland.

On this particular matter, a certain absence of information about the divorce experience is noticeable.  There are some essays, many articles and books about divorce but not enough data and statistics about the human experience of getting through a divorce. As a consequence, it is hard to find information about the divorcees’ socio-professional groups, their age, their marriage duration, the reasons for getting a divorce, the way to cope with the four years of separation, the financial consequences, the impact on children, the aftermath.

By answering this questionnaire you will contribute to shed a light on the whole process from the divorcee’s viewpoint and thus put an end to preconceived ideas due to a lack of information.

It is an intimate matter you may want to forget about but taking a few minutes to answer the questions may also give you the possibility to express yourself about your divorce: your experience from within, the qualities and flaws of the divorce law, what must be kept and what must be changed. Besides, your experience can be useful to those who will get a divorce.

The more answers there are, the more representative the sample will be so as to get a better understanding of the process.

In advance, I thank you all for the time you will spend answering this questionnaire which is completely anonymous and confidential.

My best regards,


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