Open letter to Bishop John Buckley from the Cork Women’s Right to Choose Group (CWRCG)
Issued on 16th December 2012 (The second anniversary of the 2010 ruling in Ireland v A, B, and C).

We were interested to see the published text of your Pastoral Letter, read at masses on 8th and 9th December (

We respect your right to express the moral position of your Church. We feel, however, that it is important to seek further elucidation of a number of points for the following reasons:

1. The letter was released into the public domain and appears to be a political as much as a pastoral statement on abortion. It refers to abortion in the context of the Lisbon Treaty debate, expresses political opinions on how the state should proceed in light of the European Court of Human Rights judgement of 16th December 2010 and implies criticism…

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