[Cork Humanists] Festive Winter Lunch

Hi everyone,
Our Last Event
Our last event ‘Pathways to Humanism’ was a great success. It was a wonderful experience and a privilege to share in people’s stories of their journey away from faith. And the chocolate chip cookies weren’t bad either 🙂 here is a link to the recipe for those who requested it chocolate chip cookie recipe (note: soya butter and vegan chocolate chips were used so the cookies are actually vegan). 
Some members brought a list of Humanist themed books that they read and would recommended, they can be found on this excel document that anyone can contribute to and edit. It is not on the website at the moment but we plan to get it up there soon.
Festive Winter Lunch

On Sunday 16th December we will have a festive Winter lunch at the usual meeting room in the Quay Co-op at 12:00.

Instead of getting a caterer, we invite everyone to bring a plate of food to share. If you cannot bring food/drink, just please make an extra donation into the kitty on the day if you can.As there is no real kitchen facility in the room, can you all please bring something that does not need to be kept warm or chilled. Think finger food/sandwiches/tapas/cakes and buns!
If you can eat it from a plate using one hand, that is perfect! There will be labels on the day so that the ingredients can be listed next to plates, for the benefit of those with allergies.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided.

This is an informal mixer meeting for all ages, so hope you all can make it.

If you have any questions, contact Tina Storey at 087 6535984, thetinastorey@gmail.com.

The following is a link to the facebook event.
If any of members is musically inclined and would like to provide some entertainment on the day, then simply drop us an email.
Best wishes,
The Cork Humanists
Update: Hi all,

Just one or two bits of news to bring to your attention.
Only a few more days now to the festive potluck!!!!!! We can’t wait!!! On the subject of the potluck…
ISPCC Toy Collection to be held Festive Potluck Lunch
A collection of toys for the ISPCC toy appeal will take place at the Festive Lunch this coming Sunday the 16th. The lovely Elaine from the ISPCC will be there on the day to collect the toys. Elaine mentioned that the best types of times you can donate would be board games, arts and crafts supplies and interactive games that can be used by both the children and their families. A big thank you to Geraldine for organising the collection.
If you have any queries regarding the potluck and what kind of food to bring you can contact Tina Storey at 087 6535984 or thetinastorey@gmail.com. The facebook event page for the lunch can be found here.
Meeting with Humanist Association of Ireland Board of Directors
This Thursday Aaron will be travelling to Dublin to meet with the board of directors of the HAI to discuss plans for promoting grassroots Humanism and to begin a dialogue on the relationship between the Cork Humanists and the HAI. If you have any issues you would like Aaron to draw the board’s attention to simply reply to this email with your point(s).
Best wishes,
The Cork Humanists
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