Camden Palace | Halloween

Dungeons Torture Chamber



Camden Palace Hotel
across the bridge from Cork Opera House





Shows every day

4 pm to 9 pm

until Wednesday 31 October, Hallowe’en itself



Excitement for young and old!


* PG-rated horror movies for under-age children,

    * scarier movies  for over-18s, and

* very young children are also catered for.


Read on (if you dare):



Here’s what The Cork News says:


The Camden Palace Hotel is all set to unleash a spine-chilling vista of electric chairs, hangings, nightmarishly unfair trials and cruel punishments to get you in the mood for Hallowe’en.


The ‘Dungeons Torture Chamber Experience’ takes place daily from 4pm to 9pm until the night of Hallowe’en, Wednesday 31 October.


Guided by a special blood-sucking guest from Transylvania, visitors will be spooked by how well the venue at 1 Camden Quay lends itself to Hallowe’en, with the chilling showcase inspired by the building’s history as a temporary courthouse.


Strictly for the adults, the show cuts deeper than Hollywood horror in its examination of medieval and modern torture methods, and basic human fears and vice.


The old courthouse jail cells formerly occupied by past inmates awaiting trial remain intact, and Camden Palace, an independent non-profit arts centre, has invested its own resources to create the experience, including a special ‘DollArt’ currency, for use within the venue, available at an ‘exchange rate’ of 1bn to €1.


The venue is also showing PG-rated horror movies for under-age children, while a selection of scarier movies will be screened for over-18s during the evenings. Very young children are also catered for, with a dedicated Hallowe’en-themed space set aside in the spookily decorated venue, though children must be supervised by parents/guardians.


Patrons will also be able to enjoy the Jazz Festival festivities at the venue from October 25th to 29th, including live performances, a screening of the best Montreux Jazz gigs, and a jazzy Hallowe’en funeral parade.


Admission to the Dungeons Torture Chamber Experience costs €10, with free entry to the horror films, face-painting and children’s games, and further information is available from 021 4552383.

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