Cork Humanists Birthday Celebrations | 28th October 2012

Hi all,

This month we will be celebrating the 1st birthday of the Cork Humanists.
It will take place on October 28th, not on the 21st as originally announced due to the unavailability of the meeting room.
The birthday celebrations will kick off at 12 noon in the Quay Co-op meeting room (located here). To celebrate our birthday we are inviting all of our wonderful supporters to join us in reminiscing on what we have achieved over the past 12 months and to brainstorm and plan where we can go in the next 12! Everyone and anyone who has ever (or never) attended are welcome to join us – in particular those who have an interest in becoming more involved with Cork Humanists.
Those making contributions on the day will include Annie Hoey, Aaron Keohane (co-founders of Cork Humanists), Joe Regan (Chair of Cork Atheists) and a contribution will be read on behalf of James Croft. James is Harvard PhD student who will be speaking to the Harvard Humanist Community this Sunday on the subject of Humanist community and he has very kindly offered to lend us a copy of his talk.
On they day we will have a birthday cake and if anyone would like to bring their own baking to share, I’m sure it would be much appreciated!
For all you facebook heads here is a link to the event page.
Best wishes and hope to see you there,
Cork Humanists
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