[FOF Press Release] Press Statement Marie Stopes Clinic

Press Statement

for immediate release



Feminist Open Forum welcomes the opening in Belfast of the

Marie Stopes Clinic



Feminist Open Forum welcomes the opening of the Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast. By legally offering medical abortions up to nine weeks, the service provided by the new clinic will make access to abortion much easier for women.


Therese Caherty and Ailbhe Smyth, co-convenors of Feminist Open Forum, said:


โ€œThis is a day of historic importance for women throughout Ireland. For decades, women have been obliged to make a distressing journey to Britain or further afield to access abortion. Many have had to travel alone and in secret, and have had to find the funds for travel and accommodation, often with great difficulty. By giving women the option of obtaining an abortion in Belfast, the new service will help to reduce the costs, and the stress, of a journey which has had to be made by so manyโ€.


Every day, 12 women leave this state for an abortion abroad, while the government disgracefully denies them their constitutional and human rights by refusing to enact legislation to implement even the minimal conditions for abortion permitted by the X case Supreme Court ruling handed down more than 20 years ago.


The opening of the Marie Stopes clinic is a small but significant step forward for women throughout the island of Ireland. We fully support this new service, and would like to express our solidarity with all those who have courageously campaigned for many years to achieve the right of all women to free, safe and legal abortion.


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