Press Release: student filmmakers tackle X case legacy in new documentary

Press Release
Issued by RHK Productions
Tuesday 25th September 2012
Student Filmmakers Tackle X Case Legacy in New Documentary
Student filmmakers Rosi Leonard, Kerry Guinan and Heather Browning to launch
documentary exploring abortion in Ireland twenty years after the X Case.
What: The premiere screening of documentary X is for Anonymous, about where we are,
twenty years after the X Case.
Where: Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.
When: Friday, 28th September, 2012
Time: 19.30
X is for Anonymous was created by three Dublin students – Heather Browning, Kerry Guinan,
and Rosi Leonard. Born during the era of the X Case, these student filmmakers interrogate
why the government have failed in their duty to another generation, and whether the next
generation can hope for this much anticipated legislation.
The documentary was made in reaction to the recent anti-abortion debate in Ireland, where
abortion is only legal in cases where it may save the mother’s life. Prompted by an expensive
and misleading campaign launched at the beginning of the summer by Youth Defence, a far-right
Catholic group, X is for Anonymous aims to provide a snapshot of the debate from a pro-choice
perspective, questioning why the Irish government have ignored this issue, despite the
fact that an average of over 4,000 Irish women travel abroad annually to access abortion in
the U.K.
X is for Anonymous offers an account of abortion in Ireland from a legal and historical
perspective. The documentary also hopes to describe in some way a particular sense of
national identity rooted in religion, and how that identity is often perpetuated at the cost of
women’s rights. Key contributors include Senator Ivana Bacik, Professor Fiona de Londras,
Frank Crummey, Clare Daly TD, Fiona Hyde, Nadine O’Regan, Katie Gillum as well as a
number of pro-choice activists.
The premiere of X is for Anonymous will headline Screen for Choice – a programme of
selected films, works and discussion on 28th September – as a precursor to March for Choice
in Dublin on September 29th 2012, at 2pm.
Contact Information:
Name: Heather Browning
Number: 0861627785
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