[UCC] Fundraising and Resource Development – Short Course

Short Course

Fundraising and Resource Development

Will take place in:

 UCC, Centre for Adult Continuing Education (CACE)

Lecturer: Ms. Rola (Hamed) Abu Zeid – O’Neill,

Department of Sociology and Centre for Adult Continuing Education

Time/Dates: Thursday, 7-9 PM, 27th September 2012 to 29th November 2012

Duration: 10 weeks

Fees: 230 Euro

         (25% reduction for receiving Concession Scheme)

Course Description

The financial issues are of the paramount importance to organizations, particularly those in their initial stage of preferment.

Competition for funding is growing and becoming much more competitive. In order to move forward, to develop and to achieve its organizational goals, it must familiarize itself more with fundraising and resource development and become more “professional”.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to link the planning and preparation of a work plan to the elements of a resource development plan.
  • Identify resource opportunities from various sources
  • Learn how to locate sources of available funding and how to use them
  • Get practical tools for referencing various funding sources for the stability of an organization

This course will be run if there are at least 10 students.


For more information and details – please contact:

Rola (Hamed) Abu Zeid–O’Neill, email – rolayh@yahoo.com

Regina Sexton – CACE, phone 021-4902301 or 4904739

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