Hands down your pants – sorry what now?

Over the last few months I’ve noticed the increasing popularity of a disturbing trend: young fellas standing around (usually at bus stops) with their hands shoved down their pants.


I’m all for being free and easy and comfortable in your own body but is there any real need to feel yourself up out in public during the day? Like are they worried it’s fallen off and so they reach down to check it’s still there? Or is it about sending out a very clear message to anyone watching – ‘hey I’m a dude with a penis’ because men are feeling threatened in their masculinity and so want to re-assert their authority. Or is  it just that they’re horny and need to keep a lid on things by putting a hand down there? I’m actually at a loss as to why this is now the thing to do. Feel free to send answers in on a postcard.

The major offenders are teenage boys aged between 15-20…can you imagine if girls the same age started putting their fingers on their clits while waiting for public transport – just because like… its apparently cool or something. THERE WOULD BE UPROAR!

I’m actually baffled by this whole trend0. Is anyone else bothered by it? Even noticed it? All insights are greatly appreciated.


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One Response to Hands down your pants – sorry what now?

  1. Kiwi says:

    I’ve noticed this ‘trend’ for years, its quite a popular thing to do in the horrible little town I come from. It’s spreading though, now everywhere I go I see a youth with his hands down his tracky bottoms. I think its just a way of them ‘relaxing’, remember Al Bundy from Married With Children? He used to relax with his hand down his pants while watching the TV. I’m not justifying it, because the sight of it quite offends me, especially when I’m out eating! But there’s a worse trend I’ve seen lately, men pinching themselves in public. I noticed it A LOT this summer, its funny how if a woman ‘re-adjusts’ herself in public its disgusting, but when a man does it its just normal. clearly the cloth of our underwear NEVER sticks to OUR own bits…… whatever.

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