[Sibeal Conference] Call for Proposals

5th Annual Conference of
Sibéal Irish Postgraduate Feminist and Gender Studies Network:
Gendered Spaces; Gendered Times
The Sibéal Irish Postgraduate Feminist and Gender Studies Network will hold their annual conference at University College Cork on Saturday 24th November 2012. This one-day postgraduate conference aims to bring together scholars whose work focuses on aspects of feminist and gender studies.
The organising team welcomes abstracts from postgraduate students for individual papers and/or poster presentations; proposals for three-four person panels and/or discussions; proposals for workshops, feminist performances and/or exhibitions. The organisers wish to leave the format open, in order to give postgraduate students working in feminist and gender studies the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase their creative approaches.
Themes might include but need not be limited to the following:
– The Gendered Spaces of History
– Gendered Times and Science
-Gendered Bodies and Cyberspace
– Feminist Identities and Gendered Times
– Representations of Gender in Cultural Spaces (visual culture, popular culture, literature)
– Feminist Theory and Gendered Spaces
– Gendered Times and the Law
– Gendered Spaces and Religion
– Constructions of sexuality
– Are Gendered Spaces Valid in This Time?
Abstracts or proposals of no more than 250 words should be completed on the template attached to CFP (it is also available to download from www.sibeal.ie ) and further details on proposal-submission are outlined on the template. Deadline for submission is 10th September 2012. For any preliminary enquiries, please email genderedspacesgenderedtimes@gmail.com or message on Sibéal Postgraduate Network, Facebook.
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