The F Word and You: Margaret O Keeffe

What does feminism to you?

For me, feminism is a way of life and political perspective which promotes the well being of women and men in society.

When did you realize you were a feminist?

When I was about five years old!

What issue/area is the most important to you?

The area of greatest concern to me is the promotion of identity/sexual politics alongside challenging the grossly unfair distribution of resources in Irish society and beyond.

What do you say to people who say “I’m not a feminist but …”?

I might ask the person do you seek equal opportunities for your daughter?

The answer tends to be in the affirmative.  I then respectfully suggest that the person might consider feminism as a political perspective.

Where do you see the feminist movement going in the future?

I’m not sure, but what I would like to see is continued coalition/alliance building between men and women, working for the well being of all marginalised groups in Irish society and beyond.

I would like the women’s movement to acknowledge that men as a class do not equally benefit from the patriarchal dividend.  For example, young men and working class men.  LGBT people may be an especially vulnerable group which needs feminist support and activism.

As a feminist, I would like to work constructively with such groups to create a kinder and more humane society.

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