Letter to the Editor of the Irish Times

Dear Sir,

Reading your paper today (31st July 2012), I have to wonder if certain members of the Irish judiciary have lost the plot. First I read that Judge Desmond Hogan sentenced a man convicted of attacking and sexually assaulting a young women to 6 years but suspended 5 ½ of them in lieu of paying €75,000 and then I read Judge Martin Nolan suspended the entire sentence of a man convicted of violently attacking three women on the condition he pays €12,000.

These sentences (if you can even call them that) are nothing more than an insult to the victims involved and to the thousands of women who experience violence in Ireland every year. Both of these men were convicted of violent crimes yet justice has not been done. It is a horribly sad day for Ireland when a price tag is put on the irreparable damage that violence against women causes because it sends out the message that such acts are ok if you can pay the fine afterwards.

Violence against women is never ok and we deserve a better justice system than this.


Linda Kelly

etc etc

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