[Solidarity Books] presents…Howard Zinn’s ‘Marx in Soho’ and Wallace Shawn’s ‘The Fever’

This July/August Solidarity Books will present….Howard Zinn’s ‘Marx in Soho’ and Wallace Shawn’s ‘The Fever’. The last time actor and activist Jerry Levy graced these shores he had sell out shows across the country. He returns to perform Howard Zinn’s “Marx in Soho” as well as Wallace Shawn’s “The Fever”.

Together these plays illustrate the humanity, care and frailty that lie at the heart of struggles in solidarity for justice and equality. His one person performance are simply brilliant as Jerry brings to life the nuances and contradictions in both Zinn and Shawn complimentary pieces.

Come see them yourself and you’ll be talking for ages. And often the case Jerry himself is happy to rejoin the audience to break the barriers between performers and consumers.

When and were details below: 
Sunday, July 29th, 3pm – Marx in Soho
Tuesday, July 31st, 8pm – The Fever
Wednesday, Aug. 1st, 8pm – Marx in Soho

@ The Workshop Theatre, Sample Studios (old FAS building), Sullivan’s Quay
Tickets €8/€5 waged/low-waged or unwaged.

Jerry Levy
While not teaching or touring or writing, Jerry Levy is involved in other productions as both Actor and Director. He also has taught sociology at Marlboro College since 1975.  In conjunction with his performances Jerry Levy gives lectures, leads discussions and conducts workshops relating the themes of the plays to current events, education, art, culture and society.

Marx in Soho (Howard Zinn)

Howard Zinn’s “Marx in Soho” portrays the return of Marx. Embedded in some secular afterlife where intellectuals, artists, and radicals are sent, Marx is given permission by the administrative committee to return to Soho, London, to have his say. But through a bureaucratic mix–up, he winds up in SOHO in New York. From there the audience is given a rare glimpse of a Marx seldom talked about; Marx the man. The play offers an entertaining and thorough introduction to a person who knows little about Marx’s life, while also offering valuable insight to students of his ideas.
Marx alone occupies the stage. “Marx has different voices. The actor has to show Marx’s outrage at social injustice, express the pedantic Marx, the vindictive Marx, Marx, the loving family man, Marx as humorist, and a Marx that can laugh at his enemies”

The Fever (Wallace Shawn)

While traveling in a poor country, a sensitive, well educated, arts loving and consumption-driven man or woman of any age discovers that his/her life-affirming existence is related to the often brutal suffering of others. In the bathroom of a hotel our “anti-hero” feverishly defends and relentlessly attacks his own way of life. Inner voices and imagined characters fuel his fever as he narrates and often attempts to enact his story.

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Solidarity Book Contact for comments/further information/photos:  Cathal 0851387304


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