[IFN] Invite to join Equality Audit Campaign

Dear Friends,

The Irish Feminist Network is currently gauging support for a broad-based coalition of organisations interested in bringing about serious changes to government’s economic policy processes. As research by Tasc and others shows, current cuts and taxation are having a detrimental effect on particularly low and middle income workers, and specific sections of society, such as lone parents, appear to be particularly negatively impacted (for further details, seehere,ย hereย andย here).
We would like to initiate a campaign to ultimately force government to implement equality audits and gender impact assessments BEFORE economic measures are introduced. While this might be viewed as a huge demand, we feel that a large collective of groups can make a real difference, and can certainly highlight the iniquities entailed by the status quo. Collectively, we have a better chance of bringing about change, and we feel that it is important to be proactive in light of future budgets which will only bring further austerity and hardship for a lot of people. Let’s ensure that those people are not always those who are already most marginalised.
We have an Opinion piece on the issues and the campaign in TheJournal today. Further details here:
If you are interested in joining the campaign, please email us at this address. We will set up a first campaign meeting over the coming weeks.
Please feel free to also pass this notice on to any organisation you think might be interested in becoming part of the campaign.
Best wishes,
(On behalf of the IFN Co-ordinators)
Dr. Clara Fischer
Co-ordinator, Irish Feminist Network
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