[Cork Humanists] What Inspires Us Event | 29th July 2012

Hi there fellow Cork Humanists!Despite the bad-and sometimes indecisive-weather, we hope you have all had a fun-filled summer so far!

As you may have noticed, Cork Humanists went on a brief summer break but we are now back and ready for action!Our next event is entitled “What inspires us”. At this event we will have inspiring people from Cork City and county in to speak to us about what inspired them to stand up and make a difference in Cork life. Each of these people will only be speaking briefly, so we ask that each of you bring  one or two things that inspires you, whether it be a photo, a book, a painting, a film, whatever you want, and then to share how and why this inspires you. To anyone who is a bit anxious about speaking in public – don’t worry! Sharing won’t involve standing up and making a speech but rather an informal chat while sitting down with fellow members.

What we hope to achieve from this meeting is for members of the Cork Humanists Community to learn about what inspires other people while sharing your own inspirations. Sometimes it is all to easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and to forget what drives us. We hope that this meeting will offer our members the opportunity to reflect on what inspires us. And what better time than during summer when life (hopefully!!) slows down a bit? So come along and find some inspiration and share your own! The link to the Facebook page for the event is here..

We are also happy to announce that we are teaming up with the multi-denominational charity Penny Dinners to help provide the less privileged of Cork with hot dinners. This month we will be having a food drive donations of food, kitchen utensils, tinfoil, waterproof clothing etc, are all gratefully accepted. Nothing will go to waste, and everything helps!
Looking forward to an interesting meeting.
Best wishes,
The Cork Humanists
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