[NWCI] Diary date: Constitution members meeting

Companeras y companeros,
75 years ago De Valera created his Constitution.  It has shaped the moral and legal framework of our State.  It affects every aspect of your daily life.  It has been a long time coming…now a change could come.
But we need your help.
This week in the Dáil and Seanad the Government will create a new Constitutional Convention.  It gives us some hope of achieving change on some issues:  women in the home, women in politics, marriage equality, and others.
It also creates a space for us to mobilise around the vital issues excluded from the Convention.
In order to do this the UCC Department of Women’s Studies, and the NWCI,  are co-hosting a special members and friends meeting in Cork to discuss the Convention.
Please put the details in your diary and let us know if you can come.
What?: A Constitution for all Women, NWCI & UCC members & friends meeting.
When?:  24th of September (final time, tbc.)
Where?: Cork (city centre, tbc.)
The meeting will hear from experts, politicians and civil society about how we can build a Constitution that gives women all of their rights.
We hope to see you there!
P.S. If you can’t attend our meeting about the Constitution in Cork on the 24th of September, but you know a member or friend  who can, please pass this email on to them.  RSVP: elisew@nwci.ie
Eóin Murray
National Women’s Council of Ireland
2/3 Parnell Sq East,
Dublin 1
01 87 87 248
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