[Women & Social Welfare] Speaker Profiles

Gaia Charis 

Hum, where to start !!!!!

Gaia Charis named herself Gaia Charis ten years ago as she believes that women have no names of their own within a patriarchal naming system. Born in 1953 she is now one year away from being 60, which she is really looking forward to…. envisioning her 60s as a time of ‘arriving’ and of accomplishing all the things she has not previously gotten around to. Gaia has had an ‘interesting’ life, having four children from four marriages ( she got to the age of 47 before realising that she was not the marrying kind ). She has taught at every level possible within the UK state education system, from pre-school to lecturing in Gender and Social Policy and undertaking doctoral research in the psychology of masculinity. She now works entirely from home as an independent  researcher and freelance writer as she is a single parent and full-time carer to her severely autistic son.

Although she was a Second Wave feminist she believes fervently that the notion of feminism as ‘wave-like’ is a myth, preferring to think of it as a tsunami.

When not endeavouring to change the world she studies cello and singing, which she took up at the age of 56 after realising she was leaving it a bit late to be a musical prodigy.

For further info and examples of her work please see www.gaiacharis.com


Liz Madden

Liz Madden is a mother of one from Togher who has an honours Degree in Social Science and a Masters in Women’s Studies from University College Cork. She is an active campaigner on women’s issues and key driver behind the campaign against cuts to Child benefit and home help hours. Her own personal interest lies in the area of ‘feminism as a class issue’ and feels that ‘Class’ can commonly be the missing discourse within feminist issues. She hopes to bring class issues to the fore of Cork Feminista activities.



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