[Basement Project Space] The Suspension of History

Dear Friends,

We warmly welcome you to join us for the private preview of The Suspension of History on Thursday 7th June at 6pm with drinks reception.
Hope to see you there.


Preview: Thursday 7th June at 6pm (with publication launch)

Continues: 8th – 16th June 12pm – 5pm (closed Sundays)

Q&A with Artists: Saturday 9th June at 1pm

Michal Baror (IL) Beth Atkinson (UK) Elisabeth Molin (DK) Patrick Hough (IRL) Joanna Piotrowska (PL)


Basement Project Space presents ‘The Suspension of History’, an exciting international group exhibition of contemporary photography. This exhibition brings together the ambitious work of five artists from five countries who are currently undertaking an MA in Fine Art Photography at Royal College of Art London. Engaging with the subject of history, these artists query historical representation in varying ways: the official and unofficial, personal or universal, factual or fictive.


This exhibition signals a topical and timely moment of reflection on the nature of history and by extension certain moments of disjuncture, intersection and rupture between past and present. The show considers history not as a linear account of a past that is extrinsic to the present, but as something that can exist contemporaneously. Like a photograph, our historical inheritance can be seen, interpreted and manipulated in our own time, It is in this sense that history becomes suspended.


Michal Baror (IL) questions the politics of history writing and the limits of vision that are forced upon a subject from its historical and geographical settings, taking Israel-Palestine,  her homeland as a case study.Beth Atkinson’s (UK) work focuses on the folklore of Epping Forest, north of London, through exploring its repeating histories and the blurring of fact and fiction. Elisabeth Molin (DK) uses actors and props to momentarily transform existing spaces. The juxtapositions are attempts to render permanent and incontestable spaces more fragile, ephemeral and open to questioning. Patrick Hough (IRL) examines how history is represented and constructed in cinema and how it becomes stratified and layered through a multiplicity of representations in various forms. Joanna Piotrowska (PL) “portrays far off reflections of existence, the elliptical presence of humans in places where (it would seem) they have never been.”


A special limited edition publication has been produced as part of this exhibition, and will be launched on the night. Including a text by Susan Butler. Available at BPS.

The Suspension of History has been made possible by the generous support of the Royal College of Art, London.

For further info see: www.basementprojectspace.wordpress.com

Or contact : basementprojectspace@gmail.com

Basement Project Space, Camden Quay, Cork City, Ireland

Click here to visit The Suspension of History facebook event page

Apologies for any cross posting which may occur

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3 Responses to [Basement Project Space] The Suspension of History

  1. Shawna says:

    I was basically researching for creative concepts
    for my website and noticed your blog post, “[Basement Project Space]
    The Suspension of History | Cork Feminista” satgean.com , do you really care if
    I actually employ several of ur ideas? Thx ,Lesli

    • Hi Lesli, this is an advertisement for another group – the basement project space. I recommend getting in touch with them directly about using their ideas. The email is in the original post.

  2. Melba says:

    “[Basement Project Space] The Suspension of History | Cork
    Feminista” bathroom window treatments was in fact a fantastic article.
    If merely there were a whole lot more personal blogs such as
    this amazing one on the internet. Anyways, thanks a lot
    for ur time, Sebastian

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