[Seven Ages Theatre Company] The New Step | 30th May – 3rd June

The forthcoming theatre play The New Step by singer Leonard Cohen, which is due to open Wednesday 30th May and runs to Sunday 3rd June 2012 ,The Workshop @ Sample Studios, Old Government Buildings, O’ Sullivan’s Quay, Cork City, nightly at 8.00pm

The New Step (a ballet –drama) is a powerful but witty story about the love of beauty in which body image is an extremely poignant subject.

The plays debunks widely held assumptions about of what is beauty, how beauty is defined by external factors, and the consequences of these factors, emotionally and psychologically in the wider sociological context. As for many in today’s world, beauty and the quest for perfectness can be led to an internal struggle.

In The New Step story there are subtle references to all of these themes, delivered in a congenial, comical atmosphere, and the aim is that the audience, regardless of shape or size will feel good about themselves at the end.

Donna Bloss leads the cast of Mary Mc Morrow, Farah Mokhtareizadeh, Saskia Walters and Finbarr O’Conner

Donna Bloss makes her directorial debut in this production. Donna originates from a non- traditional route into theatre; free from the restrictions which are can sometimes evident in terms of casting and adapting work like this for the stage, Donna has an eye for raw talent and is very much in vogue to the ethos of Seven Ages Theatre Company.

Having worked behind the scenes as a stage manager on a number of projects in Ireland and Europe, Donna had garnered valuable cross disciplinary experience in all aspects of the theatre.

A proud Cork person, Donna Bloss hails from Mayfield, and has to date shown huge potential with regards to her insight and understanding of the art of theatre craft, as well as a great understanding/ interpretation of the script towards this particular subject matter.

A pro-active civil rights activist, Donna has been to the forefront of the new wave feminist movement in Ireland, and has made representations in regards to “Gender Specification “in The Hague, as well as in Austria and Hungary.

Donna advocates that “Everyone deserves equality based on social standings in regards to gender or media stereotyping “

She is supported in this by the producer and founder of Seven Ages Theatre Company Patrick Byrne, a lifetime feminist ,  who further explains,

“The ethos of being fair and equitable is reflected in all aspects of this and past productions, for example, with the auditioning of potential cast members, it was facilitated in an open and neutral way, without any interference by way post-production cherry-picking.

…each cast member was eventually chosen on their attitude, and theatrical skills displayed, rather than having certain look or knowing somebody involved in the production, which is all too common and can be discriminative towards an array of undiscovered talent the Cork region.

The same criteria apply for those interested in the many aspects of production work or front of house. It’s a highly valuable process as it allows talent to take ownership as it also allows creativity to flourish”

The company therefore, is a very special and unique collaboration of visual artists, musicians, set designers, theatre practitioners.

Seven Ages are also committed to producing theatre shows that are engaging, entertaining and affordable to everyone, and we are aware of the economic situation that most people find themselves in,

We also pride ourselves of having ability in engaging people whom don’t come from a traditional theatre background; it involves a huge undertaking in regards to public relations.

This is seen as critically important as it helps dispels the myths and perception that only a certain class of people have ownership of the arts, we advocate that theatre belongs to everyone.

So all tickets are only 5 euro and will be distributed on a first come , first served basic at the venue

Seven Ages Theatre Company ( established 1997) is an Irish based company committed to providing good quality entertainment through drama and storytelling.

Seven Ages have always supported new and diverse projects that involve highlighting social issues in a way that is both educational and insightful. Past productions have been mainly children’s based projects but we have also, on occasion, given artistic support to one-off worthy issues and projects such as The New Step.

These include working with Special Needs children and producing Christmas shows for the travelling community, asylum seekers and disabled young people or groups from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

For interviews and further information please contact

Director Donna Bloss


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