[Solidarity Books] Invitation to an IPSC movie screening on next Thursday

Dear Friends,

Next thursday 10th May, at 19.30, (film showing at 8) members of Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign will be holding and attending the screening of a documentary film at the Solidarity Bookshop library in Cork City (map : here). All welcome, entry is free and donations are appreciated.
 This will begin our monthly screenings throughout the summer of movies relating to Palestine.

As you may know, May is the month Palestinians commemorate the 1948 Nakbah. To commemorate this tragic event in solidarity with them, we are screening “The Land Speaks Arabic”, an award-winning documentary film from 2007 by Palestinian film maker Maryse Gargour.

It provides a rarely heard perspective on the creation of the state of Israel and the disaster that it represented for the Palestinians people.  It also exposes many of the common myths and fabrications that are so often used to justify and rationalize the brutal and ongoing dispossession of Palestinian Arabs from their lands and livelihoods.

The film ends in 1948 but the Zionist enterprise in Palestine has never changed its nature or its methods. Israel has consistently refused to allow the return of Palestinian refugees to their land and property in the Jewish state. This refusal is contrary to international law but is entirely consistent with the theory and practice of Zionism over the past century. Israel continues to wage war on the Palestinians in the same manner in the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. It continues to annex and expropriate Palestinian land and to build Jewish-only settlements on land that it does not own.

The historic events described in Maryse Gargour’s film need no more confirmation than the ongoing activities of Israel at this moment.


Peace for everybody


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