#Fornicationtax #Taketwo

So later on yesterday, having gone from an initial WTF to reading Mulherins speech and thinking ok – it’s not so bad, I then listened to her interview on Matt Cooper yesterday.

Click on the link to listen – it’s part 1 http://media.todayfm.com/listenback/98/thursday/1/popup.

“WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE HAVING UNSAFE SEX? WHO ARE THEY?” And they would welcome pregnancy over aids? At the core of these upsetting sentiments is the idea that women are promiscious and should be punished for engaging in such acts like sex and that pregnancy is a suitable punishment for them. The idea that any woman, no matter how she got pregnant, should be made carry a baby she doesn’t want as some of sort of lesson not to have unprotected sex is abhorrent to me.

As for this idea that all crisis pregnancies are as a a result of fornicating people who are silly enough to have unsafe sex – the idea would be laughable if it weren’t so present in the dialogue of the day. Women in committed relationships having safe sex become pregnant – condoms break, pills get vomited up during illness. Women who are single having safe sex get pregnant for the same reason. Women in relationships having unsafe sex get pregnant, women who are single and having unsafe sex get pregnant.  While yes everyone should ideally be having safe sex, the fact that they don’t and become pregnant as a result should be not be an excuse to deny them access to health services they need.

PS Deputy Mulherin – if you really really want people to be having safe sex, why not drop the tax on condoms and make it easier for women to access contraception (ie not a 50 quids doctors visit and 20 for a months supply of the pill)??

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3 Responses to #Fornicationtax #Taketwo

  1. Michelle Mulherin strikes me as a very confused woman. She rattles on a bout religion and abortion being a sin, votes against a bill that would give women more control over their bodies and safe access to abortion and THEN tries to empathize with women who have unplanned/unwanted pregnancies and slams the denial of health services! Pick a side Michelle!

    • Katherine Dunne says:

      All of the government voted against the bill despite many being pro choice, because they are already addressing this issue.

  2. If you have time to investigate a different perspective, we would love you to review our blog: http://faithireland.wordpress.com/

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