[ICSOR]The 3rd International Conference on Survivors of Rape

2012, 8-10 November
The 3rd International Conference on Survivors of Rape

Dear All,

Thank you for your submissions to date and your enquiries about the forthcoming 3rd International Conference on Survivors of Rape (November 9th & 10th 2012).

I am writing to remind you that the closing date for submission of papers is coming up shortly.

If you are planning on presenting a paper for ICSoR 2012, please submit your 250 word abstract using this link http://icsor.org/site/view/10/

We are particularly interested in exploring issues surrounding:

•How to create and sustain effective multiagency working,

•New approaches to identifying and meeting survivor needs,

•Responding to survivors of rape’s medical and forensic needs,

•Effective and ethical recording and use of data on prevalence, perpetrators and survivors of rape,

•The role of those responding to survivors of rape in primary prevention,

•The role of alcohol in rape,

•Supporting a survivor of rape engaging in the criminal justice process.

Registration for ICSoR 2012 will open shortly.

Early registration before June 30th will cost €280.

Registration from June 30th – October 26th will cost €330.

Best of luck with your abstract submissions.


Juley Ann


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