[Cork Humanists] Upcoming Events

Ritual Making Workshop 
Our next event is on Sunday 29th of April at 12 noon in the Quay Co-op (click here for map). This event will be about ritual making and ceremony, the history of it and a brief workshop on making your own rituals in the home. The workshop will be facilitate by Annie Hoey. Annie has a degree in Drama and Theatre studies, a postgraduate in Studies of World Religions. Annie has done extensive work on the history and art of ritual making. As always Cork Humanists events are free to attend but we do appreciate small donations to cover running cost and rent of the room.
Here is a link to a Facebook event page for the workshop.
Book club
Book club has been rescheduled to Thursday May 10th at 7pm on third floor of Quay Co-Op. The chosen book is The Handmaid’s Tale. The novel is set in a dystopain future in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The novel presents a totalitarian theocracy that has forced a certain class of fertile women to produce babies for elite barren couples. Through the voice of Offred, a handmaid who mingles memories of her life before the revolution with her rebellious activities under the new regime, Atwood has created a terrifying future based on actual events.
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