European Abortion Rights Day

On Saturday 24 March, the “Platform for abortion right” is organising a rally in Brussels to protect abortion right in Europe. Please spread the voice among your colleagues and join the mobilisation! For those who are not based in Brussels, pls note that there is a Charter of the Platform for Abortion Rights that can be signed (as a citizen and/or as representative of an association) here:


Thank you to our colleagues at IPPF EN and Sensoa for flagging this important event.


On Saturday 24 March, the “Platform for abortion right” organizes a big meeting in Brussels.

This event will take place in Belgium but will gather participants from abroad. Associations from neighbouring countries (France, Holland …) and representatives from international organisations will indeed join us on 24 March. All citizens are welcomed !

Join us at 2 pm Poelaert place in Brussels (in front of the Law Courts/Palais de Justice) to defend abortion right in Europe

This is the time to mobilize and to assure that every woman who wants or needs to end their pregnancy will be able to have access to abortion in safe conditions. Please spread the word around and be creative! Bring banners, placards, etc.

Practical information

To reach Poelaert square in public transports :
Metro : stop at Louise; Tram : stop at Poelaert ; Train : stop at central station (+15min walking).
The march will start at 3 pm in the Regence street, going through the Royal place, l’Albertine-Monts des Arts, Emperor boulevard and return to Poelaert square. If you plan to come by bus, please let us know in advance (via “contact” on ) so that we can provide a parking space.

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