Films every Thursday at 8pm in Solidarity Books

Films every Thursday at 8pm in Solidarity Books
Suggested Donation: 2 euro
Thursday 15th March
Soldier Girls Dir. Nick Broomfield
A fly on the wall documentary about women army recruits which shows the physical and psychological deconstruction and indoctrination involved in training and one recruits resistance to the process. This film led to a ban on future
film projects in military facilities!

Thursday 22nd March
The Joy of Madness   Hana Makhmalbaf
Introduced by Farah Mokhtareizadeh who has recently returned from working in Afghanistan.
Filmed by 14 year old Hana younger sister of filmmaker Samira Makhmalbaf on the set of one of her films. The film captures the feel of the period just after the fall of the Taliban in Kabul.

Thursday 29th March
Killing Us Slowly + Mother Jones
Killing us slowly is the last in a series of films exploring the effect of the targeting of women and young girls by the advertising industry and the devestating effects of this.

Mother Jones is a short documentary about legendary Cork woman ‘Mother Jones’  an inspiring look at her life and revolutionary  union organising in the US.
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