Pub Quiz in aid of the Sheehy Skeffington Human Rights School

Dear all,

Your support for the Pub Quiz on Thursday March 22nd in the Teachers Club at 8pm will help to achieve the objectives of the Sheehy Skeffington Human Rights School which will take place in Liberty Hall on Saturday 28th April. Speakers will include Donncha O’Connell, Ivana Bacik, John Bissett, Mary Cullen….

This is a one day school providing an opportunity to discuss human rights approaches to achieve the fundamental freedoms and entitlements that contribute to the development of a flourishing society.  The school takes place against a backdrop of growing economic inequality, democratic failure and societal uncertainty. A focus of the school is to broaden and spread the discussion about human rights beyond the confines of those traditionally concerned with the promotion and protection of rights.

The school is based on an understanding of human rights as an evolving process comprising equality of esteem, respect for individual and group dignity, commitment to human development and an end to ill-treatment and oppression. The school is conceived in the belief that human rights can provide a common language for the voiceless in an age where the principles of religion, the potential of socialism and the surety of democracy may have lost their authority.

Brigid Bergin Mooney

on behalf of the committee

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