Cork Cine Club presents Some Other Stories – 8th March

Cork Cine Club presents


Thursday 8 March at 8pm – International Women’s Day
Crawford Art Gallery, Emmet Place, Cork

Directors: Marija Dzidzeva, (Macedonia),  Ivona Juka (Croatia), Ana Marija Rosi (Serbia), Ines Tanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Hanna Antonina (Slovenia).  2010.  114 minutes.  Cert: CLUB.  Languages: Various (subtitled).

Shown on International Women’s Day, SOME OTHER STORIES (Neke Druge Price) comprises five short films exploring the themes of motherhood and pregnancy, directed by women filmmakers from five former Yugoslav republics.  The stories of love, hope, revenge, sacrifice and defiance are linked by coincidental events that disrupt plans and change lives.

Croatia follows an anguished painter who must decide whether or not to keep one of her unborn twins, diagnosed with Down’s syndrome. Serbia finds an expectant mother in A&E with a charming killer, while Bosnia-Herzegovina focuses on a financially-strapped Sarajevo family whose son’s lover is pregnant. Macedonia unfolds in a private clinic, where a drug addict struggles to keep her baby.  The humorous Slovenia involves a resourceful nun who finds her own way to Immaculate Conception.

Cork Cine Club is supported by Access Cinema.

Tickets: €8.50 (€7 concession) are sold at the door.
Other upcoming Cork Cine Club films to be shown in the Crawford Art Gallery:
The Big Picture, Thu 15 March (France 2010); The First Grader, Thu 22 March (Kenya/UK 2010); Incendies, Thu 29 March (France 2010); Beautiful Lies, Thu 12 April (France 2010); A Separation, Thu 19 April (Iran 2010); Potiche, Thu 26 April (France 2010.)
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