Can we hang out?

Whatever you are doing on the 21st Feb – cancel it! There is something more important happening. A meeting. A public meeting. A public meeting to discuss the biggest infringement on women’s rights in this country. Sounds kinda boring, I know – but it won’t be. It will be a chance for everyone to come together to tell the Government that women need access to life saving abortion. We will tell them that 20 years is too long to put womens lives in peril every day. We will them we want to stop exporting women like cattle to England for necessary health services. We will organise. We will agitate. We will educate.


Be there – please – because this is our chance to make a difference. To sew into the very fabric of our society our wishes and beliefs that women have access to life saving abortion as outlined in the X case. If you don’t come, if you don’t say anything, if you do nothing – 12 women a day will continue to suffer the trauma of having to travel for health services they should be able to access here. If you do nothing, youΒ contributeΒ to the continued violation of their rights. Of all women’s rights.


Action on X_Public Meeting Leaflet FINAL


Tuesday 21st February, 7pm

Gresham Metropole Hotel, O Connell Street


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