Guest Post – My Reading List

We’re delighted to post this fantastic reading list from Nilmini Fernando who spoke at our last event. She also reminded us that we can all raise the profile of these books by requesting them in the local libraries around Cork. This small piece of activism can help others access books they mightn’t have the money for. So go forth and request in a library near you!


Race/Integration of Migrant women in Ireland:

2011       Immigrant  Council Report: Taking Racism Seriously: Migrants’ Experiences of Violence, Harassment and Anti-Social Behaviour in the Dublin Area

2011       The NGO Alliance Against Racism (NAAR) REPORT


AKIDAWA             Excellent books, and reports available online on their website

2011       Home and Away:  Migrant Women Transforming Ireland

2006       Herstory: Migration Stories of African Women in Ireland

Asylum Seekers

2010: AKIDAWA  “Am only Saying it Now – Experiences of Women Seeking Asylum in Ireland

2007: NASC Hidden Cork: Perspectives of Asylum Seekers

2007: FLAC REPORT: One Size Doesn’t Fit All: A legal analysis of the direct provision and dispersal system in Ireland, 10 years on. ©FLAC November 2009


Bacik, Ivana (2004) Kicking and Screaming : Dragging Ireland into the 21st century. Dublin: O’Brien

Barry, U., (Ed.) (2008) Where are We Now: New Feminist Perspectives on Women in Contemporary Ireland. Dublin: TASC – good overall chapters of where Ireland is at with women…sections on work, motherhood, care work, etc

Connoly, L and O’Toole, T.(2005) Documenting Irish feminisms : the second wave. Dublin : Woodfield Press.

Reilly, N. (2010) –Women’s Human Rights:Seeking Gender Justice in a Globalizing Age. Polity Press: Cambridge, MA.

-Talking History: NewsTalk FM Radio interview. Accessed online: 2 March 2010



Hochschild, A. R. & Machung, A. (2003) The Second Shift.

New York : Penguin Books, 2003. Compelling, must read!



Faludi, Susan.(1992) Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women.New York: Three Rivers.

A CLASSIC, easy. About media and how it has worked against gains made in 80s.



Jeffries, S. (2005) Beauty and Misogyny: Harmful Cultural Practices in the West. East Sussex, New York: Routledge . This is a must- as it really shows how we are not considering “cultural” practices in the west as harmful to women…

Power, N. (2009) One Dimensional Woman. London: Zed. Excellent, slim and very witty and incisive. Also look at youtube lecture.

Banyard, K. (2010) The Equality Illusion. Faber & Faber: London

Walters, N. (2010) Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism. Virago: London. For young women, excellent, although she has once promoted “power” feminism, she has now turned around.

Eisenstein, Hester (2009) Feminism Seduced: How Global Elites Use Women’s Labour and Ideas to Exploit the World. Boulder: Paradigm. Good critique of how third world women’s labour is being hyper-exploited, and feminisms used for political/economic gains.

Whelehan, I. (2000) Overloaded: Popular culture and the future of feminism. London: Women’s Press.


NEW PSYCHO-RESEARCH – dismantling psychology studies-

Cordelia Fine:  The Illusion of Gender excellent, compelling, shows the biases of psychology ect…


CULTURE/RACE- intersectionality etc


Bell hooks   Feminism is for Everyone : Passionate Politics Also, Feminist Theory: From Margin to Centre. My very first recommendation for gender and race and culture- so easy to read, and addresses all intersectional issues and the second wave. I would recommend everything by her

Lentin, Alana (2008) Racism (Beginners Guide Series)One World: Oxford Also 2004: Racim and Anti-Racism in Europe

Wallach Scott, J. (2007) The Politics of the Veil. Princeton Oxford: Princeton University

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