February Fire

Okay Feministas – the time is now! This month is the 20th Anniversary of the X Case (See our brief history of X here).

If you support implementing the X case through legislation (ie allowing women in Ireland access abortion where their life is in danger, including from the risk of suicide) then NOW is the time to name your support.

Two decades have past, during which 5 successive Taoisigh have refused to address or discuss this issue. The current lot are no better having set up another expert group on the matter (there has already been 2 and 2 referenda – see full timeline here). This is just a delay tactic! Don’t let Enda become the 6th Taoiseach in 30 years to do nothing on this issue.

The government could introduce legislation to implement the X (and C) case rulings tomorrow but they don’t think the people of Ireland support it. Show them that they are wrong!!!

What can you do?

  1. Write to your local TDs now! Use our series of blog posts with tag ‘the x case’ to formulate a short, direct, personal letter outlining your support of the X Case ruling and urging them to support legislation for the ruling.
  2. Spread the word! A letter only takes 5-10 minutes to write and send – so tell your friends to write one as well! People power only works when a lot of people do it!
  3. Tell us about it and any responses! We’ll name and shame politicians responses on this blog! People deserve to know who they are voting for so make sure to let us know in a tweet, Facebook or email what they said in response to your letter.

How do I contact my TD/Senator? 

  • Kildarestreet.com is a great resource. Check out their list of TDs here: http://www.kildarestreet.com/tds/. Check out the list of Senators here:  http://www.kildarestreet.com/senators/
  • Find your local TD/Senator, click on their name and then on the right hand side there is usually a link to the politicians own website (their contact details will be listed there).
  • All TDs/Senators email follow the same format – firstname.lastname@oireachtas.ie

Tips for emailing TDs & Senators: 

  • Be polite
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Ask a direct question, for example, will you support legislation that implements the X case ruling
  • Make sure to mention any connection you have (if you’ve met before, that you live in their constituency etc)
  • Include your email/address so that they reply.

So go forth Feministas – light that February Fire under you and lets get some action on X! 

PS – wondering what else has happened since 1992? Check it out here! 


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