[Press Release] Ireland Through the Eyes of Migrant Women

Press Release

Wednesday 25th January 2011

For Immediate Use


Ireland Through the Eyes of Migrant Women


The experiences of migrant women living in Ireland is to be the topic of discussion for local feminist group, Cork Feminista, this week. The meeting entitled ‘Lived Experiences: Migrant Women Living in Ireland’ will explore how migrant women view Ireland and the specific issues they face while living here.


Scheduled to speak on the night are Tabi Rose Esme, Chairperson of Cork African Women’s Group, Nilmini Fernando, Sri Lankan PhD candidate at UCC Women’s Studies, Fiona Finn, CEO of NASC and Claire Cuminsky, Legal Information Officer of NASC.


Dr Jennifer DeWan, Cork Feminista organiser states:

“Migrant women living in Ireland experience a significant amount of racism, violence and discrimination.  But they also are simply living their lives like everyone else.  This meeting is an opportunity to hear from migrant women about their experiences, both the good and the bad.  It’s also an opportunity for us in Cork Feminista to connect with different groups in Cork, like the Cork African Women’s Group and Nasc, the Irish Immigrant Support Centre, that are working to make migrant women’s lives better.”


The meeting will take place on Thursday 26th January 2012 at 7 PM in the Quay Co-op Meeting Room, Cove St (behind the Quay Co-op).



For further information contact:

Jennifer DeWan or Linda Kelly via email at corkfeminista[@]gmail.com


About Us:

Cork Feminista was founded by Linda Kelly and Dr. Jennifer DeWan in August 2010 to provide a discussion and activist space for feminism in Cork.  It is a collective of women and men who meet once a month to discuss different issues related to gender equality and feminism. The meetings allow participants to explore their thoughts on issues and network with other campaigners.

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