Returning to Jamais Vu call for participants for research project by Elaine O’Sullivan

Elaine O’Sullivan, our latest studio-member is calling for participants to engage in her research project: Returning to Jamis Vu.
Elaine is looking for spectators who were present at ‘Jamais Vu’ a performance/installation by the artist Ann Seagrave that premiered in January 2005 as part of the Granary’s ‘Bodily Functions’ programme of live art.
if you or anyone you know was present please pass on the details, you can e-mail Elaine on:
Please find further details on the image below.

Elaine O’Sullivan is a research student at the University of Bristol 

Doctoral project: Returning to Jamais Vu: towards an embodied theory and practice of the ‘Uncanny’ in the work of Anne Seagrave
Keywords: Anne Seagrave, the ‘Uncanny’, psychoanalytic and deconstructive discourse
Research details: My research explores the ways in which the returns of the uncanny can be consciously and critically activated across aesthetic, social and sexual-political frames. Drawing on psychoanalytic and deconstructive discourse, I propose that Anne Seagrave’s performance practice partakes of the ‘Uncanny’ despite the resistance of this spectral concept to modes of embodiment that dominate live art. My research methodology pairs critical and creative writing with a practical strategy of performance re-enactment.
Supervisor(s): Dr Paul Clarke and Dr Ika Willis

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Elaine on Board, Elaine O’Sullivan is BPS’s latest studio-member, and as part of her membership she will be utilising the space to conduct part of her research project.

Feel free to forward this info on to anyone who may be interested in participating.
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